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When: July 27, 2013, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
This event has ended on Jul 27, 2013
Lianne La Havas / LP / Quadron

With popular neo-soul artists as inspiration, such as Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, the style of Lianne La Havas has traces of jazz, soul, and folk mixed with her own expressive approach. She was one of the fifteen musical artists nominated for BBC’s "Sound of 2012."

Often rocking out with her ukulele in front of her dynamic, versatile band, LP has a voice that is instantly ear-catching, a natural instrument of power and grace.  

First introduced by a mutual friend, vocalist Coco O., and multi-instrumentalist/producer Robin Hannibal came together as Quadron. While Coco’s credits Lauryn Hill and Sade as being at the center of her formative music years, Robin’s flair for layering the intricacies of chord progressions, composition, and instrumentation come from his love for musical greats such as Ennio Morricone and Charles Stepney.

DJ Center soul-travels, navigating audiences with a crate of musical goods from around the globe, while echoing a New York state of mind.  

This is a free SummerStage event. Tockets are first come, first served.

For more information, visit here.

Photo Credit: City Parks Foundation

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