The Staff of is a group of dedicated professionals that share a passion for Central Park and the incredible city that surrounds it. They have joined together to produce what they hope is the most comprehensive, useful and visually stunning web representation of Central Park possible. They have pledged themselves to always use their powers for good and never evil.

Aric Boyles is the President and Founder of Aric has worked with great success on the cutting edge of the internet industry and has used his extensive experience and insight in launching this project. It is his vision and passion for Central Park that has made this site a reality.

Cristian Nicolescu is the main brain behind the face of Cristi is one of those people who always answers "yes" and can build pretty much any online application.

Eileen Callen is the Marketing Director of Eileen brings her online marketing experience and creative insight to to help grow the site and ensure its continued success as a useful destination for Park lovers and visitors from all over the world.

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Judith Wolfe updates the Central Park Zoo information as changes take place. An avid conservationist, she has been a volunteer at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Central Park Zoo since 1990. Come visit the Zoo and catch Judy chatting about the animals on any given Friday.

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