Pokémon GO in Central Park

pokemon goThe Pokémon GO phenomenon arrived in the United States in July 2016. Thanks to this app, there is now a new group of people who are going outside and enjoying the beauty of Central Park, as they search for the various Pokemon characters.

Pokémon is bringing people together as they wander through the Park. Some of the more popular places to find the characters in the Park have been the Bethesda Terrace and the Statue of Balto.

How it works: In Pokémon GO, there are Vaporeons, which are evolved Eevees. These are cute little fox-type Pokémon that evolve into eight different creatures. If players truly want to capture all the Pokémon, they have to either capture eight different Eevees and evolve them in eight different ways, or capture the rare Vaporeon. What creates the frenzy? If one player catches a Vaporeon, it will only hang around in the world where it was found for a few minutes before despawning.

Health benefits: The Pokémon GO app is getting people outside and moving around and exercising maybe more than they would have before. By walking up and down the many hills and steps in Central Park in search of the creatures, it's easy to burn calories without even thinking about it. Just remember to look up from your phone and admire the beautiful scenery around you.

The app is also opening up new places in Central Park for players to explore. Learn about the areas, statues and the history of Central Park as you search and find the characters on our website.

Check out these safety tips from NYPD:

pokemon go NYPD safety


Where in Central Park have you seen and captured the characters?
Post your photos and tag us on Twitter: CentralPark_NYC or on Instagram: CentralPark_NY.

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