Mini-Nubian Goats

Miniature Nubian Goats are cross breeds between Nigerian Dwarf goats and Nubian Goats.  They are bred throughout the United States on farms and private tracts of land, and due to their small size and pleasant demeanor, are sometimes kept as pets.  These goats also produce a large amount of milk for their size.  Their milk is very high quality and can be either pasteurized and drank, or processed into cheese or goat butter. 

Mini-Nubians are usually very friendly and loving animals, making them a great animal to interact with children.  They come in a variety of flashy colors, have long floppy ears and are de-horned shortly after birth. 

The Central Park Children’s Zoo now has many Mini-Nubians includin Ace, Abe, Curly, Floyd, Angel, Monique, Spirit and Barbara Rose, along with four juveniles.

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