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At we want you to enjoy your visit with us as much as you would enjoy a

Photo by: NATALAC

Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink
in Central Park.

visit to the park, and we want you to visit often. Here you’ll find links to a number of features which will be updated regularly. We hope that these diversions will not only amuse you, but also help to create a community of Central Park fans that stretches around the world. 

Take a minute and check out our online emporium, which offers everything from Maps to our Central Park Picnic Backpack for Two, all designed to enhance your visit to Central Park.  Browsing is encouraged.

Create a Virtual Bouquet!
Now you can create your own unique floral design made from illustrations of the flowers of the Conservatory Garden and then email it to someone special. After saving your creation, you can send it to a friend, save it to our Gallery or embed it on your own blog or personal site. Enjoy!

Central Park Trivia
Test your CP (Central Park) IQ with our weekly trivia challenge. 

360 Degree View of Central Park
Take a mind bending look a Central Park from directly above The Sheep Meadow

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Panoramic Views of Central Park
A great website that offers panoramic views of the park that are displayed on a Google Map of the park.

Get Directions
Need directions to Central Park? Just click the link above and let Google Maps show you the way.

Kid's Stuff
Everything from a wild way to recreate yourself as a Central Park Zoo animal to a tool to construct your own park, links to ten sites that are so much fun you won't even realize they're educational!

Wikipedia Map
Take an aerial view of Central Park with interactive links to a variety of park features.

Squitch The Squirrel
An imaginary squirrel named Squitch is the focus of Ilene Bauer’s fun and creative poem.  It tells of how this quirky creature spends his days in New York City and Central Park.

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