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NYC Parks Foundation (CPF) is the only nonprofit organization to create programs in parks throughout all five boroughs of New York City. They enrich and connect New Yorkers through free and accessible arts, sports, education and community-building initiatives. Visitors to Central Park are lucky to enjoy the benefits of the hard work of the Central Park Conservancy and the NYC Parks organization.

The CPF was started back in August of 1989. By June of 1990 they were offering free concerts in local parks, and free tennis tennis lessons as well. In 1991, they started a garden-growing program that grew into a partnership with the Department of Education. In 1994 they took over the SummerStage events from the Central Park Conservancy, and are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year with over 100 concerts and events in all 5 boroughs. In 1996 they launched an initiative to reclaim and restore parks throughout the city in historically underserved communities. In 1998, after spending 1.5 million dollars, they restored the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park to the delight of kids everywhere.

Every year they sponsor the It’s My Park program, which engages over 400 groups annually in hands-on service projects and events throughout the five boroughs. They also offer a program called, Partnerships for Parks which is the public-private program that supports and champions a growing network of leaders caring and advocating for neighborhood parks and green spaces. They have the ability to assist people, organizations and government with the skills and tools they need to transform their green spaces into dynamic community assets.

We who enjoy Central Park are thankful for the CPF's involvement and input. They are a group that is important to all of the parks in each of the 5 boroughs.

For more information about the City Parks Foundation, please click here.

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