Football lovers will enjoy playing on Central Park's large and grassy North Meadow, the only field in the park where football is permitted.

Football can be played in the park from September to November.

There are a couple of rules: Players cannot wear cleats, and flag football and touch football are the only types of football allowed in the park; tackle football is not permitted.

Any small group can use available space on the North Meadow. However, large groups, leagues, or people who want to play at a regularly scheduled time need to apply for a ballfield permit from the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. For more information please visit the Parks Department's official website or call the Manhattan ballfield permit office at (212) 408-0234.

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If you are visiting Central Park and wish to play a game with friends, you don't need a permit.

You may also wish to contact a local football group and find out when they play.

You must bring your own football, as well as rubber-soled shoes.

If you don't have football equipment, you can borrow a field day kit from the North Meadow Recreation Center; you only need to show a picture ID.

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