You can play soccer in Central Park from mid-September to mid-November. However, you must apply for a permit to organize a game. Permits are $10 for each session. If you wish to organize a game in the park, you must state on the application how many players and spectators you expect to attend. The permit application can be sent to or dropped off at the Arsenal building at 64th Street and Fifth Avenue.

In addition to adult programs, there are several youth soccer teams that play in Central Park. The Central Park Conservancy runs a youth soccer clinic for its members on weekday afternoons. There, young players can learn the finer points of game technique, as well as sportsmanship. The clinic hosts a scrimmage each class for players to practice what they have learned.

You can play on fields seven, eight, and nine on the Great Lawn, which is in the middle of the park near 84th Street. Please note: at some times, fields seven and eight are only available for youth soccer games. You can also play at the North Meadow, which is in the center of the park at 97th Street.

Cleats cannot be worn in Central Park.

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