New Eatery Opening at the Sheep Meadow

Published on May 14, 2010

New restaurant

The new Le Pain Quotidien in Central Park.

Park-goers enjoying an afternoon in the Sheep Meadow will not have to look far to satisfy their hunger pains.  At 7AM on Saturday, May 15, 2010, a new branch of the Belgian restaurant, Le Pain Quotidien will be opening in the Mineral Springs Pavilion located near the 69th Street entrance of the park.

This is the 21st restaurant the chain has opened in New York City and it will serve up signature breads, soups, salads and even beer, waffles and vegan ice cream. 

Patrons can also enjoy an extended range of free Wi-Fi or have a seat on the 100-seat terrace overlooking the Sheep Meadow.

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