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Photographer: TonyLG | Date taken: 11 Sep, 2016
Photographer's comments:

I do not know the name of this bird type. It allowed me to move in quite close hence the wide-angle look.

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  • Chris
    11 Mar 2017
    It is very important to take into consideration the bird's habitat and behavior. The American bittern is extremely elusive and more often heard than seen. The Black-crowned night herons are common in Central Park.
  • Terry
    19 Jan 2017
    Both young look similar so this is tricky but the black crowned night heron juvenile has the orange eyes.
  • Francesca
    17 Jan 2017
    I'd go with American Bittern as well.
  • Chris
    10 Jan 2017
    This is a juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron (i.e., he was born in the spring). He will look like this until January. During his first summer (Feb-Aug) he will begin to look a bit more like an adult with a slatey grey cap (crown) and back. By next autumn he will look like an adult.
  • Judy
    10 Jan 2017
    American Bittern
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