Grilling or Barbecuing

Grilling or Barbecuing is not allowed in Central Park, except for on three specific days each year:  Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. These dates are the only exceptions to the rules, which are strictly enforced in the park. 

We can provide barbecue catering for your event. Contact our Special Events team.

It is recommended that if you BBQ or grill on the days that are allowed, that you find an area north of 96th street, due to the crowds in the southern end of the park. The two recommended areas are around the Harlem Meer on the east side of the Park, and the Great Hill on the west side of the park, due to the fact that they are flat areas and far from trees.

Use of propane gas is not allowed anywhere at anytime.

Barbecuing is prohibited in all playgrounds, athletic fields, areas that are fenced off, woodland areas (North Woods) and the Conservancy Gardens.

Please note: the three-day rule applies to the specific holiday date, not the holiday weekend.

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