Central Park offers hundreds of special attractions for solo explorers and families across its 843 acres.

Central Park is full of attractions, from green meadows to sprawling waters, gardens and unique bridges, music and performance centers, educational facilities, classical architecture and more. Its picturesque beauty boasts natural green landscapes and vistas as far as the eye can see.

Top Attractions

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Whether you choose to search out specific attractions or wander the paths to escape the surrounding bustle of the city, each season and visit offers something new in Central Park. Some popular historical attractions include Belvedere Castle with its panoramic views, The Blockhouse, a remaining fort from the War of 1812, numerous statues of iconic figures including William Shakespeare, Balto, Alice in Wonderland, and the oldest public monument in North America, The Obelisk.

The 55-acre Great Lawn, several man-made lakes and ponds, along with walking and bridle paths. Cherry Blossom trees abound and there is also: a Wildlife Sanctuary, a large area of natural woods, and a 106-acre, billion-gallon Reservoir with an encircling running track, the quiet, calm Conservatory Garden, and the neoclassical Bethesda Fountain – known as the Angel of Waters.

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