Picnic in central park

A Picnic in Central Park.

Having a picnic in Central Park is a great way to enjoy time with friends, soak in some nature, or just relax with a bite to eat after a long day of walking around.

Pack some food, grab a blanket and choose a place from our list of the 7 Best Picnic Spots in Central Park.

Click here to let us know if you would like us to deliver a picnic in Central Park for you and a few friends!

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Bow Bridge Picnic
Picnic Central Park

Bow Bridge Picnic.

Need to plan a special picnic event? You can contact us for help with putting together your custom event, or you could also check with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation to obtain a permit and plan your own big picnic.

Please note that groups of more than 20 people will require a special permit that must be obtained in advance. In addition, other factors such as planned activities, location, the use of tables and chairs, etc. will affect whether a permit is needed.


(Note: Barbecuing is not permitted in Central Park).


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