Artists' Gate

Artist's Gate
Artists' Gate by PVE

Statues of Jose San Martin, Simon Bolivar, and Jose Julian Marti stand guard at Artists' Gate, one of the original twenty gates leading into Central Park.

Facing out onto Avenue of the Americas, Artists' Gate can be found at 59th street.

Artists' Gate and others, such as Pioneers' Gate, Inventors' Gate, and more, were part of Olmsted and Vaux's original design plan.

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Rejecting the opinion of architect Richard M. Hunt, who wanted large, ornate gates to mark Park entrances, the designers opted for a more natural looking style.

Though these "gates" do not open and close like traditional gates, the simplicity of engraving each gate's name on the short wall surrounding the Park falls perfectly in line with the more humble and nature-central theme of the original design plan.

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