Conservatory Garden

The Summer Conservatory Garden
The Summer Conservatory Garden by ningbo612

Located at 5th Avenue and 105th street and open daily from 8am until dusk, Conservatory Garden is the only formal garden found in Central Park. The quiet, calm atmosphere of the Garden, free from runners and bicyclists, makes it an ideal spot for both weddings and relaxing afternoon walks. 

Along with Conservatory Water, Conservatory Garden was opened in 1937 to replace the original but quickly deteriorating structure that had been a part of the Park's initial plan. The Garden, designed by Gilmore D. Clarke, is composed of six acres of beautiful seasonal plants that are arranged into three styles: English, French, and Italian.

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Visitors can find their way into the garden by entering through the Vanderbilt Gate, which formerly served as an entrance to the Vanderbilt mansion. From there, guests can stroll through the magnolia and lilac trees of the English garden, stopping to admire the statue of well-known author Frances Hodgson Burnett. To the north lies the Italian garden, featuring crabapple and yew trees in addition to a large fountain and a wisteria pergola. The French garden offers spring tulips in abundance and contains Walter Schott's sculpture, Three Dancing Maidens.

Find out more about the Conservatory Garden Flowers and check out the Bloom Schedule here.

After having been largely neglected for several decades, Conservatory Garden experienced its first major restoration in the 1980's and was reopened in 1987. In more recent years, the Garden has been restored by the Central Park Conservancy, as have all of Central Park's major sites.


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