Delacorte Music Clock

Delacorte muzic clock
Delacorte Clock by shereemccl

On June 24, 1965, the clock was officially unveiled before a large crowd of spectators and dignitaries, including Parks Commissioner Newbold Morris, former Parks Commissioner Robert Moses, and Manhattan Borough President Constance Watley.

The Delacorte Music Clock, located near the Children's Zoo and Wildlife Center, is a great attraction for kids. Each day between eight in the morning and six in the evening, the clock--now digitally programmed--plays one of thirty-two nursery rhyme tunes on the hour. On the half-hour, the mechanical performance is a bit shorter. The animals rotate on a track around the clock and each also turns on an axis.

The Music Clock was modeled after the musical clocks that George T. Delacorte saw while travelling in Europe. The whimsical, bronze animal sculptures that adorn the Clock were created by sculptor Andrea Spadini, and include a goat playing the pipes, a kangaroo playing horns, a penguin on drums, a bear with a tambourine, and a hippo playing the violin.

The Clock's usual repertoire of songs changes to a collection of Christmas carols around the holiday season.

In 1995, the Central Park Conservancy supervised a restoration of the clock and sculptures, financed through an endowment established by the family of Mr. Delacorte in 1993. 



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