Grand Army Plaza

Grand Army Plaza
Grand Army Plaza, by

The Grand Army Plaza, completed in 1916, is the primary east side entrance to Central Park. One of the four corners of Central Park, the Plaza takes its name from the Union Army in the Civil War. Following in this tradition, a bronze statue of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman has been erected in his honor.

The Pulitzer Fountain lies in the second half of Grand Army Plaza, on the southern end. This Fountain features a bronze statue of the Roman goddess of abundance, Pomona.

The Grand Army Plaza is perhaps best know as the place to begin a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Park. It is also the place to find art installations by both known artists, such as Paul McCarthy and Liz Larner, and newer, up-and-coming artists.

The plaza went through a major renovation during the summer of 2015 with new lamps and benches, based on the design of the original features which were installed in 1916.  The Central Park Conservancy replaced the trees around the perimeter lost in a snowstorm in October 2011. The plaza now features a new double row of London plane trees, consistent with the original design. More than three million visitors pass through the plaza on their way to Central Park every year. 

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