Loeb Boathouse

Loeb Boathouse
Willows in front of the Boathouse by valda64

The iconic Loeb Boathouse offers boat rentals and gondola rides, as well as an exquisite dining experience all under one striking, green patina-coated roof.

Visitors can make use of the Boathouse's shuttle service, which makes stops along upper Fifth Avenue and can also stop at 80th Street and Fifth Avenue to meet or drop off guests who have parked at the 24-hour Metropolitan Museum parking garage.

Recognizing the need for a boathouse at the Lake, Calvert Vaux designed a wooden structure that would last from 1873 until 1954. Vaux's beautiful, two-story, Victorian edifice was eventually torn down, though its original purpose was carried out by its replacement, known as the Loeb Boathouse.

Carl M. Loeb opened the new, red brick and limestone Boathouse in 1954. In addition to its traditional functions, the new Boathouse is also the site of the Boathouse Restaurant. With the option of indoor or lakeside seating, at which one can enjoy a seasonal fish dinner, the Boathouse Restaurant is an excellent choice for a relaxing evening spent admiring the beauty of the Park while dining.

Private events, such as conferences or weddings, are also commonly held at the Boathouse.

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