Swedish Cottage

Swedish Cottage in Central Park
Swedish Cottage in Central Park
by waterlooHildreds via photopin cc

Reservations for the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater are required. Information and ticketing can be found here.

The Swedish Cottage, built in Sweden in 1875, was placed in Central Park in 1877 at the suggestion of Frederick Law Olmsted. Since its arrival in the US, the Cottage has served a variety of purposes, perhaps most importantly being used as the headquarters for the Civil Defense during World War II. It was also formerly a tool house, a library, and Central Park's entomological laboratory.

In 1947, the Swedish Cottage became known, as it is today, as the home of the Marionette Theatre. In a show of patriotism, both Swedish and American flags fly from the roof of what was once a traditional schoolhouse.

In addition to hosting marionette performances, which are often attended by classes throughout the school year, the Cottage is also available for children's birthday parties.

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