Victorian Gardens

Victorian Gardens in Central Park
The resting carnival by natalac

Victorian Gardens will open its gates Memorial Day Weekend of 2016!

Open: June to Sept

See schedule for hours of operation here.

Victorian Gardens is one of few amusement parks within the New York metropolitan area.

This small but well-designed park opened in 2003. It occupies the Wollman ice skating rink every summer in Central Park.

The park hosts 12 rides. Among them are:

-The Aeromax: fly in pint-sized airplanes
-The Kite Flyer: imitates hang gliding
-The Convoy: an auto-style train ride
-The Red Baron: pilot imitation antique airplanes
-Mini Mouse: a roller coaster for young kids (parents welcome)
-The Jump Around: a bouncy ride especially appealing to children
-Samba Balloon: pilot your own hot air balloons

Of particular interest to teenagers and adults are:

-The Fun Slide: a three-story-tall slide
-Family Swinger: a classic swing ride
-Rockin’ Tug: a traditional swinging boat ride
-The Hydro Racer: a fast-paced water ride

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There are also classic carnival games at Victorian Gardens like whac-a-mole, where players compete to hit the most moles with their mallets, and Rising Water, a water gun game.

Even though it's a small park and the rides are compact, all of the attractions can accommodate both adults and children. However, the majority of the rides are designed for children between the ages of 2 and 12. The amusement park is a controlled environment designed to allow parents to relax while they monitor their children.

Victorian Gardens also hosts birthday parties and special events.

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