Rock Cavy

Rock Cavy ( Kerodon rupestris)

Rock Cavy

Zoo collection includes: Two - Cavies are relatives of the domestic Guinea pig

Found in the wild: Eastern Brazil in dry rocky areas near stony mountains and hills

See Them at the Central Park Zoo: They can be viewed upstairs in the Tropic Zone in the habitat with the Tamandua.

Description: Small rodent that resembles the rock hyrax with a face that looks like a squirrel. They have heavily padded feet, are quite agile, and are exceptional climbers. Coat is gray, grizzled with white and black. Throat is white and the belly is yellowish-white. The rump and backs of thighs are reddish. There is no tail and both sexes look similar.

What do they eat:  Leaves, grasses, seeds

Life span: Four years

Threats: Least concerned

Fun Facts: Rock cavies make a variety of vocalizations, including an alarm whistle, chirps, and squeaks.
These rodents are related to domestic guinea pigs. One or two young. Several litters per year are common. They live in small family groups.  They have nails growing out of their skin with a single grooming claw on the inside hind toes.
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