Swan Goose

Swan Goose (Anser cygnoides)

Swan Geese Pair
Juidth Wolfe

               Swan Geese Pair

Zoo collection includes: A pair plus three new goslings.

Found in the wild: Found always near water in mountainous regions from south central Siberia south to Mongolia and into northern and eastern China.

See Them at the Central Park Zoo: The pair can be seen in their shared habitat with the Red Panda in the Temperate Zone.

Description: It is large for its genus, at approximately 3 feet in length. It has a long neck, long, heavy black bill, brown cap and pale underparts apart from some belly streaking; the upperparts are brown and the legs are orange. The sexes are similar, although the male is larger, and juveniles are duller. The male has a wider white band of color near its beak.

What do they eat:  At the Central Park Zoo, these vegetarians eat avian pellets and chopped greens.

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Life span: Approximately 10 years.

Threats: Hunting and habitat loss due to development. Now extinct from its former range in Japan and Korea.

Fun Facts: Their voice is a loud honking.

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