There are 16 public restrooms located throughout Central Park at various attractions, landmarks and playgrounds.  Please note that some are seasonal and not open during the winter; just less than half are wheelchair accessible. Runner's Map

Central Park Running Map
with Bathroom Locations.

Merchants' Gate, 61st Street and Central Park West (closed during the winter)

Heckscher Playground, Mid-park at 62nd Street

The Arsenal, 64th Street and 5th Avenue

Sheep Meadow Cafe at Mineral Springs, Mid-Park at 69th Street (wheelchair accessible, closed during the winter)

Bethesda Terrace, Mid-park at 72nd Street (closed during the winter)

Model Boathouse (Kerbs) Cafe, at Conservatory Water at 74th Street (wheelchair accessible)

Loeb Boathouse, 74th Street at the East Drive (wheelchair accessible)

Ramble Shed, Mid-park at 79th Street>

Delacorte Theatre, at the Turtle Pond at 81st Street (wheelchair accessible)

Ancient Playground, 85th Street and 5th Avenue

Tennis House, Mid-park at 94th Street

North Meadow Recreation Center, Mid-park at 97th Street (wheelchair accessible)

Robert Bendheim Playground, 100th Street and 5th Avenue (wheelchair accessible)

Conservatory Garden, 105th Street and 5th Avenue (wheelchair accessible)

Great Hill, West 106th Street (closed during the winter)

Dana Discovery Center, 110th Street at Lenox Avenue


To see these restrooms on a map, download our Runner's Map which has each of these locations clearly marked.

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