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Keep up with what's happening in Central Park

Special Events

Our event team can help you with planning all of your special events, including private and corporate outings, big group tours and picnics, intimate gatherings, class reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and parties for kids from 25 to 1000 guests.

  • Private & Corporate Events

    Let us help you create the perfect package for your private group or office party, from lakeside picnics to softball games.

  • Central Park Tours & Picnics

    Get out and have some fun with a guided walking tour, bike tour or picnic! It's the perfect way to celebrate a beautiful day in Central Park.

  • Children's Parties

    From scavenger hunts to zoo parties, fairy tales, face painting, costumes and clowns, plan the perfect party for kids, for a day they'll never forget!

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