Baseball and Softball

Softball field in Central Parl
Softball Field in Central Park by phil49

Central Park has 26 state of the art ballfields on which to play softball and baseball. The fields are spread out via 3 main areas of the park:

Heckscher Playground - 6 ballfields

Great Lawn - 8 ballfields

North Meadow - 7 baseball fields and 5 softball fields Field Finder

Permits are required for field use. You can apply for a ballfield permit with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.

Permits typically take 21-30 days to be approved. The Manhattan ballfield permit office number is: (212) 408-0234.

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Red flags get posted when lawns are closed for maintenance or adverse weather conditions.

For field conditions, call 212-628-1036; for Heckscher, ext. 332; the Great Lawn, ext. 330; and the North Meadow, ext. 331.

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