Model Sailboats

Model sailboats are raced at Conservatory Water, located near 72nd Street. Boating occurs every weekend throughout the warmer months. For some, creating the model boats is a very serious business. Though children are welcome and encouraged to participate, for many adults this is much more than a diversion. Some put a great deal of time into crafting a boat that is aerodynamically sound, some focus on the speed with which the boat will sail, some are most concerned with the intricacies of the boat's radio controls, and there are also others who are mainly interested in the beauty of the finished product. Carved wooden boats are some of the most eye catching on display.

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Residents of the city who wish to race their creation frequently may apply for a permit to store their boat in the park's secure Kerbs Boathouse during the week. Space is limited and the permit is highly coveted, so it is important to apply early.

You don't need a boat to enjoy the spectacle of the event. Many visitors simply sit with a snack and watch the many expressions of New York's unique creative spirit float on the lake.

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