sledding in central park
by Robyn Roth-Moise

Sledding in Central Park on Cedar Hill.

Grab your sleds and head to the slopes of Central Park for some winter fun in the snow!

As long as Central Park gets more than six inches of snow, the sledding areas that have been closed for the season re-open for kids of all ages to enjoy.

The two most popular spots are Pilgrim Hill and Cedar Hill.


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Pilgrim Hill has the steepest slopes and is always a favorite place to go sledding in Central Park. It is also typically the most crowded. Get there by entering the park at 72nd St and Fifth Ave.

Cedar Hill has become one of the top sledding spots in Central Park. There are two areas to the hill: the lower portion, that is seperated by a walkway, is great for the younger and beginning sledders. The hill from the top of the east drive down, is for the more adventuresome. Enter the park between 76th and 79th St at Fifth Ave.

Looking for a nice place to warm up and grab a bite after sledding? Check out the restaurants in Central Park as well as some recommendations for restaurants around Central Park.

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