Jackie O. Reservoir Central ParkThe walkway around the Reservoir is made out of cinder, making it soft and slightly springy. Adjacent to the Reservoir is the dirt bridle path. The longest loop that you can make in Central Park without repeating any terrain is 6.1 miles. This trail follows the Loop, and can be picked up anywhere on it.

For those who would like a more rigorous experience, there are 58 miles of hiking trails throughout the park. These trails feature steep inclines and rugged or bumpy pathways that are frequently unpaved. The Ravine, the Ramble, and the North Woods also offer hiking trails of various levels of difficulty.

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The Ramble Central ParkFor those who wish to enjoy leisurely walks, especially with strollers or children, the Great Lawn is ideal. There are many sights to see, including other park users enjoying games and picnics on the lawn.

Whether you are visiting Central Park for the first time or are a frequent park-goer, you can learn fascinating facts about the park's history, architecture, and its role in the city's culture on a guided walking tour. Tours are available that focus on architecture, cinema, and other topics, so it's easy to find one no matter what your interests are.

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