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Legendary Central Park Hawk Lola Goes Missing, Presumed Dead

Published on Jan 21, 2011

One of the Upper East Side's most high-profile couples — the famous red-tailed hawks Pale Male and Lola — appears to have broken up, with watchers fearing that the female has died.

Legendary hawk Pale Male and his partner of nine years, Lola, haven't been seen together for a month after years of watching over Central Park from their nest atop a Fifth Avenue Co-Op, the Urban Hawks blo  reported.

Lola was last seen Dec. 18, leading some bird experts to believe that she is now dead.

"Lola hasn't been seen since mid-December and is unfortunately presumed dead," wrote bird-watcher Bruce Youlton on the site.

Pale Male has already found a new partner, reportedly pairing up with a new hawk that was recently spotted at Pilgrim Hill in Central Park, Youlton said.

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