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You can also browse photos and see what others have been posting. See photos of Central Park, New York City, Balto, Belvedere Castle, Bethesda Fountain, the Boathouse, Bow Bridge, the Carousel, the Great Lawn, the Harlem Meer, Imagine, the Reservoir, Sheep Meadow, Strawberry Fields, Tavern on the Green, Wollman Rink and much more.

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  • The Pool Autumn 2015 by jhauben

    0(No votes)
  • the Pond by lilia

    3.50(2 votes)
  • scene by aRa10128

    0(No votes)
  • rosie in the fall by ispitzer

    4.29(7 votes)
  • Red Maple at Great lawn by ispitzer

    5.00(2 votes)
  • autumn in central park by Rui

    4.29(7 votes)
  • TREEMENDOUS by cpf

    4.11(18 votes)
  • strike a pose by cpf

    4.11(19 votes)
  • Spring Bloom by danny321

    4.07(14 votes)
  • Shakespeare Garden by danny321

    4.24(17 votes)
  • LONG LIVE POLAND by sandradh

    3.88(16 votes)
  • A View from Central Park by vio18let

    2.67(3 votes)

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