Pets are most welcome in Central Park, as long as they and their owners follow Park rules and regulations.

  • Dogs must be leashed from 9AM - 9PM each day and at all times when in the woodland areas of the Park.
  • Dog drinking fountains are available and are located at various spots throughout the Park.
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  • Dogs cannot dig or play in the flowerbeds, nor drink or play in fountains or any other bodies of water.
  • Pet owners must clean up after their pets at all times and in all areas of the Park.
  • There are 23 noted dog-friendly areas.
  • Dogs must be on-leash at all times in the following locations:
    • Arthur Ross Pinetum
    • Bridle Path
    • Cedar Hill
    • Conservatory Garden
    • Kerbs Boathouse Plaza
    • Shakespeare Garden
    • Strawberry Fields
    • Turtle Pond Lawn
    • Woodlands
  • Dogs are not allowed in the following locations:
    • Ballfields
    • East Green
    • Elm Islands at the Mall
    • Great Hill Glade
    • Lilac Walk
    • Ornamental Fountains
    • Playgrounds
    • Reservoir Running TrackPlaygrounds
    • Sand Volleyball Court
    • Sheep Meadow
    • Water Bodies
  • Central Park Paws is an organization that holds events specially for dog owners and their pets. Consider joining Paws and participating in year-round events at Central Park.


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