Photographer's comment:early sunday morning. Everyone off leash and bullying me for a treat! Read more

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Central Park is dog-friendly, but dog owners need to be aware of certain rules in regards to where they can take their dogs, when they need to be leashed, and more. Read more


Central Park is an excellent place to enjoy the day with your canine companion. In Central Park, from dawn until 9 a.m. and from 9 p.m. until park closing, dogs in Central Park can be off-leash in any area that is not off-limits to dogs. Read more


Photographer's comment:My dogs hanging out with Han's on a beautiful spring day. Read more

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Photographer's comment:My dog likes to hog pictures -- specially on rainy days. But, in this case, I think she added something to it. From, the area around the Great Lawn. Read more

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Photographer's comment:just love how well behaved those dogs are :) Read more

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Photographer's comment:Ginger, a 9 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, enjoys the sights, sounds, & squirrels of Central Park. She was able to enjoy her first vacation to New York City because of the kind people who continually wa... Read more

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Photographer's comment:An early summer morning walk through the park revealed this beautiful image; people and dogs enjoying the bounties of central park Read more

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  • Hans Christian with dogs

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