Central Park Restaurants

Central Park offers a variety of locations for park goers to pick up a snack, sit down to a formal dinner or even spread out with a picnic.

There are several outdoor concession stands scattered throughout the Park:

Wollman Rink
, East 63rd Street Mid-Park

Leaping Frog Café
, across from the Arsenal, East 64th Street at Fifth Avenue

Kerbs Ice Cream Café
at Conservatory Water, East 74th Street near the Perimeter (While it is no longer called this, because it is now part of Le Pain Quotidien, "old timers" still refer to it under the original name)

Italian Café at Merchants' Gate, West 61st Street and Central Park West

Ballplayers House
, 65th Street at Mid-Park next to the Carousel

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Central Park also has several full service restaurants:

Sheep Meadow Café at Mineral Springs, East 69th Street at the East Drive, offers a more casual dining experience.

Le Pain Quotidien
at Mineral Springs Pavilion near 69th Street serves soups, salas and sandwiches and offers an outside terrace.

Loeb Boathouse, East 74th Street at the East Drive, offers a full menu and service al fresco.

Tavern on the Green
, West 66th Street and Central Park West, is a more formal restaurant with brilliant décor and a choice several different rooms in which to dine.


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