Waterfalls by Rachel Fawn Alban

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There are at least five waterfalls in Central Park, and all are completely man-made. Most are located in the Ravine, the stream valley section of the North Woods. (Click on the image to the right to see more)

The water that flows through them is New York City drinking water that comes from a 48-inch pipe hidden by the rocks at the Pool Grotto on West 100th Street, yet the waterfalls look very natural. Charming stone bridges cross the stream, and the area is cool and quiet.

Watching the water gush down the giant boulders into dark ponds, it is easy to forget you are in the middle of Manhattan.

Where to find them: Enter from the West side through Glen Span Arch around 102nd Street and follow the moving water, which is called the Loch, which is Scottish for "lake". 


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