Dogs in Central Park

New Yorkers don't let being city dwellers stop them from enjoying the love of dogs. A testament to that is the park's famous statue of the Alaskan sled dog, Balto, which is one of the city's most beloved public monuments.

Central Park is an excellent place to enjoy the day with your canine companion. Many of New York's parks allow dogs to some extent. However, in no city park can dogs be allowed on ball fields, pools, or playgrounds. In Central Park, from dawn until 9 a.m. and from 9 p.m. until park closing, dogs in Central Park can be off-leash in any area that is not off-limits to dogs during other times of the day. Dogs are welcomed in most areas of the park when leashed. However, even leashed dogs can't go into prohibited areas. By New York City ordinance, you must dispose of any waste your dog leaves on the park premises.

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Central Park Paws works with the Central Park Conservancy to foster a dog-friendly park environment. In addition to facilitating negotiations on matters affecting dog owners, Central Park Paws hosts regular events for dog owners in the park. For example, monthly Bagel Barks give dog owners the chance to meet, talk and have breakfast while the dogs enjoy some off-leash playtime. The My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair lets dogs compete in events for agility and obedience, and also promotes services and organizations that help pets stay safe and healthy. Central Park Paws recommends Conservancy membership to all dog owners, since the Conservancy helps pay for aspects of the park that are appreciated by dog owners. This includes tree and grass maintenance, drainage solutions and drinking fountains for dogs.

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