Whether you are a dedicated or occasional player, Central Park offers opportunities to perfect your game. The Great Lawn is one such place to play basketball. It is a lush, 55-acre expanse that was renovated in 1970s and also includes baseball diamonds.

It includes baseball diamonds as well as basketball courts. There are plenty of picnic spots to ensure you can find a place rest and relax after the game. Water fountains are nearby.

Since the great lawn is home to many concerts and other types of entertainment, you can plan a day around seeing a show and enjoying a game.

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At the North Meadow recreation center, you can play basketball, along with other sports, in a 23-acre field that is home to 12 courts. It’s not necessary to bring equipment to North Meadow; you can simply rent a basketball by providing a photo ID. Field kits for rent include not only basketballs, but also baseballs, baseball bats, jump ropes, and Frisbees. Nets at both spots are supplied.

Even if you don’t have someone to play with, you should stop by North Meadow. Thanks to the spot’s popularity, there is always an abundance of other players available for a game.

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