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Whether you are visiting Central Park for the first time or have been coming for years, renting a rowboat is a sure way to gain a unique perspective and see Central Park as you never have before. You can rent a boat at the Loeb Boathouse from 10 a.m. until dusk each day and row on the Lake, 22-acres that make up the second-largest body of water in Central Park. The Loeb Boathouse has a fleet of 100 boats, each of which seats four people. The first hour is 12 dollars; each subsequent hour is an additional three dollars. With a 20-dollar deposit, boating is one of the most economical activities in the city. From the row boat you can enjoy a private conversation in the heart of the lake, making it an ideal date activity, as well as a great spot for a wedding proposal. The boat also lets you get close to water fowl that are hard to see from the shore, including the park's famous egrets, herons, and loons. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult, but will certainly enjoy helping row the boat. You can even pack a picnic to eat in the center of the lake. Rowboats are only available for rental in good weather. However, you can always rent bicycles in Central Park rain or shine.

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