volleyball central parkVolleyball is a great warm weather activity in Central Park that provides a great deal of physical exercise, and courts are also open year round for those who want to play.

There are currently three courts for volleyball in Central Park, all located near Sheep Meadow.

If you walk toward the east side of the park from Sheep Meadow, you will find two asphalt courts and one sand court. The courts are in the center of the park near 70th Street and adjacent to the Mall.

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The sand courts have nets already erected, but if you are playing on the asphalt courts you must supply your own volleyball net.

You must bring your own volleyball to whichever court you choose, because the park does not rent or loan them.

The volleyball courts are available all year, and you do not need a permit unless you are hosting a special event or tournament. If you wish to host a tournament, you must apply for a permit from the Parks Department at the Arsenal building at 64th Street and Fifth Avenue, or through their website.

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