Top 12 Wedding Spots in Central Park

If you're looking for a fairy tale wedding in New York, it's hard to beat Central Park as a locale. Many of the Park's areas are just perfect for romance and charm, and they provide the perfect place to walk down the aisle (or down the grass, as it may be).

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Here are 12 great spots to consider:  

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  • The Summer Conservatory Garden
    The Summer Conservatory Garden by ningbo612

    1. Conservatory Garden: The Conservatory Garden is actually three gorgeously landscaped gardens, each created in a different style. There is a French garden with delicate flowery arches and a statue of the Dancing Maidens in a small pool; an Italian style pergola with a beautifully manicured lawn and sparkling fountain; and an English garden in the shape of a circular labyrinth with a peaceful shaded pool in the center. The garden is located off of 5th Ave. at 105th St.

  • ladies pavillion

    Ladies Pavilion in Central Park

    2. Ladies Pavilion: This is a Victorian cast-iron pavilion on The Lake. It has a quaint feel, fitting for an intimate ceremony in the park. Parasols are optional! The Ladies Pavilion is located on the west side of the park between 75th and 76th St.

  • Pond
    Ducks in the Pond by artlenastudios

    3. The Pond: Located just feet from the park's main entrance at 59th St. and 5th Ave., The Pond offers a tranquil escape, with trees and blooms lining the edges of a calm, glassy body of water to dream by. Weddings here can have the beautiful Gapstow Bridge behind them in a naturalistic and peaceful setting.

  • Cherry Hill
    Cherry Hill Horse and Concourse by Jay_Singer

    4. Cherry Hill: The backdrop of Bow Bridge and Bethesda Terrace make this green area a perfect setting for a wedding in Central Park. In the spring, you can be surrounded by the blooming forsythias and azaleas. You can even occasionally view the horse and carriages turn around in a cul-de-sac here. Cherry Hill is located mid-park at 72nd St.

  • Cop Cot

    Cop Cot in Central Park

    5. Cop Cot: Cop Cot is Scottish for "little house on the crest of a hill." And that's exactly what it is - a natural wooden gazebo situated atop a hill overlooking the park and some of Central Park South. Shady and cozy, the walk up works great for any processional, and this location is easy for all to get to. It's located near the 6th Ave. entrance.

  • Belvedere Castle

    Belvedere Castle in Central Park by scp2472

    6. Belvedere Plaza: A romantic and classic setting next to Belvedere Castle, the plaza has spectacular views of Turtle Pond and the fields below. It also allows you to see some of the city's most beautiful buildings in the background. Belvedere Plaza is mid-park at 79th St.

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    Wagner Cove

    Wagner Cove in Central Park

    7. Wagner Cove: A romantic spot tucked away in a corner of the Lake, Wagner Cove is small and serene, and wonderful for a secluded ceremony with your closest friends and family. It is located mid-park at 72nd St., just west of Cherry Hill.

  • 8. Summit Rock: The highest elevation in Central Park, this hill offers lovely views of the greenery and paths on the upper west side of the park. It also features a stone formation that looks as if it were made for a wedding ceremony. It is located on the west side of the park at 83rd St.

  • Shakespeare Garden
    Shakespeare Garden by eilypily

    9. Shakespeare Garden: This is a magical, romantic garden sitting between the Swedish Cottage and Belvedere Castle. The flowers and lush green plants create a setting that seems to come right out of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The garden is on the west side of the park between 79th and 80th St.

  • Bow Brige
    Bow Bridge stretches across the Lake in Central Park by Rick Anderson

    10. Bow Bridge: Famous for being in many movies and TV shows, Bow Bridge is a great location in Central Park to get married. There are views of the willows on the lake, the popular Boathouse, and Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. This is a very versatile spot that encompasses the heart and soul of Central Park. It is located mid-park at 74th St.

  • Gapstow Bridge
    Colors of Gapstow Bridge by gisiklar

    11. Gapstow Bridge: With the famed Plaza Hotel standing in the background, this simple but majestic stone bridge is a wonderful spot in the park at which you can get married in any season. Green foliage covers the bridge in warmer weather, and in winter The Pond freezes and creates a whole different beautiful backdrop to say "I Do" to. The bridge offers the perfect setting for an incredibly intimate wedding. It is located on the east side of the park at 62nd St.

  • Turtle Pond
    Turtle Pond by Deniz22

    12. Turtle Pond: As one of Central Park's designated quiet zones, Turtle Pond provides a relaxing escape from the noisier sections of the park, surrounded by peaceful turtles, fish, frogs and dragonflies. It is located mid-park between 79th and 80th St.

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