Photographer's comment:At The Great Lawn. The summer hot spot to just chill and relax. gotta love nyc :) more

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Photographer's comment:Loved the couds that day. I also took this pic without the couple there, but picked this one because i thought they were a nice lil added touch. I found it was well centered and balanced. had to capture the moment bef... more

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Photographer's comment:Wonderous view overlooking the lake under the Bow Bridge and Central Park West. more

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Photographer's comment:Conservatory Garden more

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Photographer's comment:Nice weather give you the best view of the Upper West Side from Kennedy Onassis Reservoir more

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Photographer's comment:This was the mood today at Central Park. The pond was iced, gray sky, cold, not too many people but some adventurers. more

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Photographer's comment:Simplistic Spring, shot digitally "through the viewfinder" of a vintage camera. A treasure awaiting you around each and every corner of Central Park! more

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Photographer's comment:Beautiful Spring shot, taken digitally, "through the viewfinder" of a vintage camera. The amazing, simplistic views through Central Park! more

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  • Spring Bloom No. 1 TTV

  • Spring Bloom No. 2 TTV

  • The Pond

  • Upper West Side covered by Blue

  • In The Garden


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