Polar Bear

Welcome to what used to be the home of Gus and Ida, two polar bears who lived at the Central Park Zoo since 1988. It is now the home of Betty and Veronica, two female grizzly bear rescues. Read more

Central Park Zoo

Photographer's comment: I be very sad when I saw this big bear enclosed in this pool/cage. The bear seems suffering, swiming from one side to another without stop, a manic-obsessive behavior to me, probably caused by depression and occlusio... Read more

Photo Contest

Photographer's comment:Taken Christmas Day at Central Park, looks like he's growling, but he's actually just yawning. My first day with my new camera. Read more

Photo Contest

Photographer's comment:Central Park - Gus the Polar Bear Read more

Photo Contest

Photographer's comment:At Central Park Zoo on a day that the Polar Bear was diving a lot ! Read more

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