Sheep Meadow is an expansive 15-acre field in Central Park that is used today for sunbathing, kite flying, and relaxing summer picnics. Read more


Turtle Pond

"Turtle Pond" by Deniz22

Turtle Pond is named in honor of the large number of turtles that reside there along with numerous species of birds, fish, frogs, and dragonflies. Read more


In the center of Central Park lies the Great Lawn, a green pasture of 55-acres that is considered one of the most famous lawns in the world. Located mid-park from 79th to 85th Streets, the Great Lawn is a wonderful place to relax and have a picnic. Read more


There are several venues within the park where you can lay out your beach blanket, slather on the SPF and enjoy the sunshine. Read more



"North Meadow" by

This 23-acre meadow includes twelve fields to be used for soccer, touch football, baseball, and softball. Read more


Photographer's comment:Sun Bathing in Central Park Read more

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