Upper West Side

Photographer's comment:A light from Central Park with a Central Park West building in the background more

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Photographer's comment:In the northest point of the reservoir, viewing the icy roads, snowy lake and athletes, a lone camerawoman takes a snapshot that will be remembered for eternities; she just immortalized a minute in our town's history,... more

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Photographer's comment:central park in profile more

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Photographer's comment:sunset in the Roosevelt reservoir more

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Photographer's comment:2nd Place Winner - Fall Photo Contest Sunset behind the Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and Upper West Side. Best viewed large at: more

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Photographer's comment:Tropical storm Hanna's dark rain clouds move across and dominate the Upper West Side skyline. This image was shot from the running track which circles the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir more

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Photographer's comment:View of Upper West Side from Central Park South more

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  • Forrest Castle

  • Storm Clouds

  • Kissing Jackie O Goodnight

  • sunset in the Roosevelt reservoir

  • central park in profile

  • Running on Ice

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