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Harlem Meer

Harlem meer
Floating on the Harlem Meer by TomMonster

Eleven acres of water surrounded by lush vegetation and immersed in a tranquil atmosphere compose the Harlem Meer.

Named after the Dutch word for "small sea", the Meer is a large body of water located north of Conservatory Garden and east of the North Woods. Various types of trees can be found along its banks, including the ginkgo, cypress, black locust, oak, and beech trees. Roses are in full bloom during the springtime, while summer-blooming hydrangea often make their first appearance in late May. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of these plants while walking along the pathway that leads from the cove to the water's edge; muskrats and black-crowned night herons may even make themselves visible here occasionally. Also in the vicinity are Fort Clinton and Nutter's Battery, gun emplacements that had been intended for use during the War of 1812.

Activities at the Harlem Meer include the ever-popular catch-and-release fishing, two children's playgrounds, and the Lasker Rink, open for skating in winter and swimming in summer.

— Jesse M. Wheeler

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